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It is truly very difficult to find out a good video game player who ignores an interesting video game. POKEMON GO is a very interesting game, and at the same time, it is an attractive video game. After launching of the game, a huge number of fans are engaging themselves in playing the game. And the fact is this game is different from other games, and the number of users of this game is increasing rapidly on a regular basis. The key feature of this game is it is totally different from other common video games, and you can play this game using the GPS system. The central character of this game is the Pokémon. As a player, you have to capture the Pokémon, which is ultimately an almost impossible task. That means you can have to offer complete effort to get the ultimate result.

A history of mobile operating systems

Mobile operating systems have a very important role in today's life, and most of them are based on Linux, so there is an app compatibility. These operating systems have emerged with technological advances and especially with the evolution of processors and RAM that enabled more and more processes and multitasking.

Symbian OS was the first mobile OS that has the same interface used for years and then came faster than other systems that have managed to adapt the times as Android or iOS.

Coverage Mapping with GPS

Orientation inside buildings seems to be the next major leap that navigation applications will have to do. In the absence of adequate GPS coverage, several companies are experimenting with solutions based on mapping wireless networks, various sources nearby Bluetooth signal or analyze pressure variations possibly read a barometer sensor type.

Snapchat Story

I believe that we should no longer question whether Snapchat will catch people curious, because he already did, but we should ask how will increase. And soon, some creators of multimedia content, , will be able to monetise activity on their accounts Snapchat.

Iphone SE

I know I wait breathlessly and with money in hand emergence of the new iPhone in stores. He reached me and I have to tell you whether it is worthwhile or not. Well, I think you already know my opinion, but after seeing the reaction completely positive that arouses a small phone in the hand of a woman, not my left I am looking than the aspect ... In the same vein, Lorraine, and not only she is sure iPhone SE will be her next phone.


Tehnology 3d Sound

Tehnology 3d Sound

3D sound is produced through a recording techniques, called "binaural recording" made using two microphones positioned so that the reproduced sound captured the listener to have the impression of being in the same room with that produced sound source.

The technique underlying 3D recordings originated in Theatrophone's design, telephone device invented by French engineer Clement Ader, through which were running plays and opera in Paris in the late 1800s when Clement Ader came up with the idea use by two microphones placed systematically in front of the stage, which managed to capture and transmit sound evenly.

Audio System Wireless

Without exception, domestic appliances need cables to operate. Even those that "wrap" the energy load of a cable. I'm kinda cables, don't you find?

Technology mobile phone charging e able to waive the thread. And, as it turns out, and speakers are about to no longer be cataloged as "fixed". Wireless speakers are doing the exact same thing you do and a wired speaker: Converts an electrical signal into one. The difference is, however, how that signal reaches the destination.

Samsung Tehnology

The rumor suggests that Samsung seeks support in a company called Synaptics to implement technology in the future ClearForce top phone. This technology allows multiple speeds scrolling modes to unlock the phone to interact with new types of games and more, depending on how much pressure is exerted on the screen. The technology is identical to that used for the Huawei Mate S.

Samsung galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear is a smartwach that uses the Android operating system last generation. The SmartWatch contains a metallic bracelet of the highest quality that wraps comfortably around the wrist.

Phone Track

Today we will present an application that can give you information about a person who has a smartphone. This application is called Phone Track and is used in particular for the detection of the location of the devices. But this application can read the messages and even calls that are saved on the device.

Phone Tracker


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