Base Design For Clash of Clans

Base Design For Clash of Clans

As the old adage goes, there is more then one way to skin a cat. Putting aside how odd of a saying this is for a moment, the lesson learned can be directly applied to Clash of Clans base design. There is more then one way to build a base, and each way will have its own strengths and weaknesses based on Clash of clans game strategies. So, what are some base designs for Clash of Clans? Lets break them into basic groups and review them individually.
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The Standard

The standard approach to base design sees the player creating a rectangular or square base with the storage and defense behind the walls. Such a design helps keep everything secure, but it can break apart when either goblins attack or giants come nocking. In addition, such a design allows for a great deal of internal space at the loss of precious defenses. This means that even if you survive the attack, you may have more in the ways of repairs then you would otherwise.


Pockets allow for a tiered base defense that is perfect for people looking to secure their central space against giants and others who are skilled at breaking through. With pockets, every defense has its own wall surrounding it. This helps keep your defenses close together while slowing down the enemy. This can also be expanded so that each pocket houses more then one building, helping reduce the amount you are spending on walls.

Layered Base

A common technique is for people to place non-vital buildings on the exterior of their wall. These building will not incur any serious penalties if destroyed, and can even act as a means of defense against the enemy. Place these building around your smaller, walled fortification. In addition, as funds come in, begin walling this layer as well. The end result will be a series of defenses. When one defense is breached, there will still be additional lines of defense for your most important buildings. In addition, the layered approach is perfect for using slash damage to reduce the number of enemies you have to deal with. As a result, the layered approach is a favorite among beginners and veterans alike. As for what the final form of the layered base will look like, that is ultimately up to you.